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25 Dec 2010
New Years Buddyvents-Sale!!

New Years Buddyvents-Sale!!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Due to the ridiculous amount of work that has gone into the development of Buddyvents we have decided to increase the price by the 1st of January 2011.
The new price will then be EUR 50 net instead of the now EUR 40 net, so if you’ve been thinking about purchasing Buddyvents, then now would be a good time.
You can test the new features over on our test site, which runs the latest development version 1.5. The stable version  … Continue reading 

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13 Dec 2010
Buddyvents 1.3

Buddyvents 1.3

Buddyvents v1.3 has just been released. This version fixes a number of bugs that were introduced with the last version, when I split up events into active and closed. This makes it possible to now show upcoming events on top. This was an often requested feature and went live in v1.2.4.
Here is an extract from the changelog:
= v1.3 =
* NEW: Event reminders before the event starts (Sponsored by Roger Coathup – THX)
* NEW: Support for the Achievements plugin by DJ  … Continue reading 

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08 May 2010
Reordering BuddyPress Group Tabs

Reordering BuddyPress Group Tabs

The BuddyPress Groups API makes it very easy to add functionality to groups. Sometimes, though, you need to do something where the API won’t help you, like reordering the position of tabs and setting a new default tab.
Have a look at the following function:
The first thing we need to do is declare the $bp global

To change the position of a tab we need to modify the bp_options_nav array. In this example we change the home tab position on a single  … Continue reading 

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05 Aug 2009
Introducing JobBoardr

Introducing JobBoardr

One of our recent personal projects called for a job board solution. There are quite a few non-wordpress open-source projects available, each with their advantages and disadvantages. In the end we decided to look for a WordPress solution, though, mainly because we wanted to be able to pick and chose from the huge amount of available plugins to extend our job board.
A quick look around the net brought up a good few options:

WP Job Ads (plugin)
WP Job Board (plugin)
JobPress (theme)

We  … Continue reading 

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29 Jun 2009
NextGEN ImageFlow 1.3 Beta 1

NextGEN ImageFlow 1.3 Beta 1

After the release of the 3rd beta of NextGEN FlashViewer it is now time to release the first beta of NextGEN ImageFlow into the wild.
The features are very similar between the two plugins, which isn’t really surprising. They do the same thing, basically, but just display things in a different way. Read the changelog in readme.txt (included in the download) for a full list of changes.
Again, please let us know if you have any problems, find any bugs or just  … Continue reading 

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28 Jun 2009
NextGEN FlashViewer 1.4 Beta 3

NextGEN FlashViewer 1.4 Beta 3

In this beta release I finally finished all the features I wanted to include. So from here on it’s only bug squashing. I’m hoping to realease the final version in about a week. Then I’ll update my ImageFlow plugin.
So what’s new since the last beta? Basically it’s two new features. The first one let’s you insert shortcodes much much easier. Up until now you had to either remember all the shortcodes or copy/paste them from somewhere. From the first beta  … Continue reading 

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25 Jun 2009
NextGEN FlashViewer 1.4 Beta 2

NextGEN FlashViewer 1.4 Beta 2

So, it’s time for the second beta. Nothing much has changed, except that you now have a few extra variable values for $gallery to use in gallery templates. With these you can add links to all the various viewers on top of any gallery.
Option 1 – Changes by hand
First of all you will have to change something to a NextGEN Gallery core file, nggfunctions.php. Use FTP to get yourself a copy of that file and open it in your favorite  … Continue reading 

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